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My Deets:
• 38 / She/Her Pronouns / Marne, MI
• Asexual (Aegosexual) / Aromantic
• Gemini Sun / Scorpio Moon / Leo Rising
• INTP / 5w4
• Witch
• Progressive Democrat
• Feminist
• Disabled
• Childfree
• Cat Lady

One thing I love about myself is that I can say “according to the folk tales” when talking about my family history.

I keep reading “Elder Millennial” as “Eldritch Millennial”, and BEHOLD MY MICROGENERATION AND KNOW TERROR.

Arthritis of the spine and hip, at the ripe old age of 38.

I’m honestly putting this here so I can be like “and you would have heard this first if you’d join our Mastodon!” when I finally bring this to the FB group 😂😭

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Alumni will donate their gently used professional wear. Doesn’t fit anymore? The cut was never great on you? You’re just sick of it? Perfect, bring it to the suite. It’ll get a current student in the door somewhere without having to invest in a wardrobe just as their student loans are coming due. Any leftovers will be donated to Helping Hand a Mission Thrift on West Leonard.

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Coming this spring! ! I remember quite well not having a single thing to wear for my internship after four years in jeans and HOMERATHON t-shirts. So, here’s how we send the current students off looking the part...

We need more people on this server. This is what happens when I’m given a place to air random thoughts with very few eyes. It gets weird.

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I’ve never even set foot in Japan let alone in Kayako’s house, so even if she was there what would happen? I’d probably be like “hey girl” and she’s be like “kkKKkkK” and I’d be like “sup?” and she’d be like “kkkKkKkK.”

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Something in the corner just made the death rattle sound Kayako makes in the Grudge movies, and, like, the cats didn’t even notice, so I’m cool with it.

Doctor’s orders: an x-ray, prescription refills, and a referral to a pain clinic.

I dress better to lay around and smoke weed than I do for the office, tbh.

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What do I do in all this fancy stuff? Asexually lay around and smoke weed while holding cats, mostly.

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A (not so) surprising thing - a long convalescence (plus a recent association with a lingerie shop) has made me a huge lingerie/lounge wear snob. I’ve bought myself a whole new lounge wardrobe over the past few weeks, and there’s a lot of satin and lace and modal involved.

You might think I ignore New Years as a holiday altogether, but I spend the day making and eating black eyes peas, greens, and cornbread with lots of ham and bacon, and doing success, luck, and prosperity spells.

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Similar reasoning to my not making any goals for the year. If I’m not ready to commit, I won’t. So I set goals when the time is right to set them, not on one ordained day.

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This is why I don’t write letters to my future self on NYE: I did, for a number of years. But I went through a three year or so streak where every single thing I anticipated about the new year was a bust. I didn’t get the job, or go on the trip, or have the party, or whatever I was so excited to do. The letter was just one parade of failures after another. Now I have a mental block against the practice. I can’t put it down, I have to leave it out in the ethers for it to manifest.

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Just because you died doesn't mean it wasn't a good plan.

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