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Hello I'm Dorian!

I use they/them pronouns!

I advocate for using Free and Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) as a basis for building digital communities that prioritize the real human beings that use them. Together we can build supportive and resilient communities that serve our needs.

I'm a big nerd for many things:
Language; Philosophy (particularly Stoicism and existentialism); FLOSS; minimal web and software design.

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Welcome friends! If you're new to mastodon in general I recommend you follow these accounts:

Here's a short video explaining some of the ways that Mastodon is different from other social media you may be familiar with:

Here's a blog post I wrote talking about what alternative social media looks like:

Europeans actually have several different ethnic groups with distinct histories. There are the proud & warlike western europeans, the aloof & intellectual scandinavians, and the gregarious russians (also known as eastern europeans). Even these can be broken down into further ethnic groups!

updated 2021 suggested fediverse success metrics 

- lessons learned from marginalized people
- friendships formed and maintained
- worthwhile conversations had
- comments remembered months or years later
- support and validation given and received
- honesty entrusted to one's social circle
- furries petted
- pets received
- stress levels associated with reading home timeline and notifications
- pleasure derived from same
- neat creations shared
- acceptance felt

Self-care is ongoing. It's not a one and done fix for everything. Take care of yourself today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

*slaps roof of a school* this bad boy can fit so many sharks in it

cat snapshot-20200213* | ffmpeg -r 30 -f mjpeg -i - Videos/cat-jpegs-i-will.mp4 # Make a mp4 video from a set of jpg files. Because mjpeg format is essentially just jpg files concatenated, you can use the cat program to make one and ffmpeg understands this format.

I would also like to emphasize that kicking Nazis out is only the *barest godsdamned minimum*. Nazis are easy to hate. They are not respectable. Kicking them out isn't the hard part. The really hard antiracist and even antifascist work is with people you like, people who are respectable and in good standing. It's with the learned bigoted and violent impulses in your own good leftist self. This is the part where the fedi, and really white society in general, fails miserably.

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Resin is...

Wow- lots of people liked the photo of Benji and George so here’s another one of Benji.

Fear not; I have plenty of cute dog/cat photos to share with you


I got the scammer from “Apple Support” to toss obscenities at me! I guess I’ll call that a successful day. One of these days I really want to set up some VMs just to fuck with these dudes even more.

Also it was a really interesting experience in witnessing the rage that flys up when someone swears at me. I didn’t even feel particularly angry, but my heart started pumping SUPER HARD after he swore at me. Interesting.

Came across a tree on the way home yesterday and decided to attempt a basic version of it.


cw'ing to boost, capitalists, billionaire charity, global warming 

Bill Gates' money vs. where the mouth is:

This being is incredibly anxious and stressed and I don’t even know why!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA

computer opinion 

I'd rather use a buggy piece of crappy public software, than a smoothly polished private software (with ads and built-in spyware.)
But in my experience they're about equally buggy anyway.

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