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New intro post, cause we gots new people and its been awhile!

Hi I'm Dor! I'm an educator, caretaker, hobbyist sysadmin, and aspiring social worker. I'm the admin at this instance here.

I'm Autistic and ADHD, which make me all the better because of them!

I love listening to audiobooks, tending to my plants, and hacking around in a terminal.

My rule of thumb (there are exceptions) is that I don't approve follow requests from people I haven't interacted with yet. If I seem like someone you'd get along with add a thoughtful comment or two to my posts or DM me telling me about yourself. I use this social media as a place for friends, not maximum reach or engagement.

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If I deny you follow request it's nothing personal. I just didn't get good vibes from your profile.

I screen followers pretty heavily, honestly to make sure that I don't expose people I follow to BS when boosting posts.

Interacting with me several times before follow requesting is likely to increase your chances of approval.

Anyone have recommendations for a CalDAV server? I know there's nextcloud, but I'd like something a little less complex.

Grandpa found a volunteer guard on the lock to our shed this morning.

I'm getting a SECOND load of wood chip dropped off sometime today! I'm so excited! I had a ton of fun shoveling the first load around the yard where we need some extra biomass. The second load is going primarily in a compost heap. And its all free cause they are trimming for power lines down the road and I asked nicely for their waste.

Some weed I let grow is now producing some kind of berry! Anyone know what these are?

Finally got my Pi with yunohost set up to also run Kodi. I'm taking it to @kingwesinald's this weekend and wanted a way to secure the components for travel and use there.

Non-vegan, bacterial culture 

My lactobacillus culture is going well!

It's Dorian saves some mullein day! The asshole next door keeps mowing down some wild sown mullein just on my edge of the property line, so I moved them into my garden to save them (and utilize their strengths for my garden!).

Why would I spend all the effort weed whacking and carefully tending the edges of my yard when I can be super lazy AND end up with a harvest of compost material like this?

Snuggling with my buddy Wesley! We went on a walk today, he peed on the corner of another dogs fence just to spite him.

Selfie eye contact 

Trying my hat on Wesley. He looks pretty dapper.

The other day I harvested a bunch of long grass that was overgrown in some corners and tossed them in my compost heap. Seems I have also made a very nice home for some crickets!

Happy solstice everyone! For those of us in the northern hemisphere I hope you are able to take time to enjoy the growth and striving of the world around you. May you find peace, safety, joy, and ease in doing so :blobhaj_love:

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