do you ever think about how the oatmeal's whole shtick was this sort of edgy humor and now it edges ever and ever closer to boomer fb memes


@maya I started losing interest in his stuff when I learned he was actually a skinny dude and his fat humor wasn't self referential at all.


@dorian You know, I'd vaguely thought/remembered he'd had a whole narrative around weight loss but given that his response is "I was chubby as a young kid and being chubby means shame and ridicule (which I now perpetuate)" ............


@maya right? Honestly at this point it wouldn't even make a difference to me if he were fat now, cause he pretty heavily uses fat coded characters to mean lazy messy slobs. I like the dudes humor, but relying on lazy harmful tropes just rubs me the wrong way. (Disclaimer I haven't looked at any of his stuff for a number of years).

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