I'm working on a research paper about building communities with decentralized web technologies. I've decided to publish weekly progress reports as a way to collect my thoughts and get over my apprehension of sharing my work.

@dorian extremely interesting. Maybe you'd like to have a look at the #SocialHub discussion I started on - what I call - the "Community has no Boundary" paradigm.

It has some interesting external resources too, I think.

@dorian note that I am mainly interested in the #activitypub side of things and not so much about blockchain tech. Don't know what your primary focus is here, but I saw the AP hashtag in your toot, sooo.. :D

@dorian I'd be interested in reading along with your updates. When you say 'building communities' do you assume from scratch, or in the sense that the users of a tool / instance would/should become a community? Or more like how decentralised tools provide agency to and strengthen pre-existing (budding) communities? Also see Etienne Wenger's work on communities of practice, and how tech does (not) support them.

@dorian I'd suggest Wenger / McDermott / Snyder 'Cultivating Communities of Practice' and Wenger / White / Smith 'Digital Habitats'

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