The fuzzy alarm clock didn't go off this morning!?!? It's still in snooze mode???

I slept in about 90 minutes this is weird.

My grandparents are napping so I made this surprise snowbeing outside our dining room window.

Finished this puzzle with Grandpa last night! Those repeating beige and white patterns were a bit rough.

We finished this puzzle today! Grandma did a large chunk of this one.

Just finished this puzzle with my grandpa. I'm glad we do not have this many stuffed animals.

Selfie eye contact 

I know an outfit is 🔥when my grandma compliments it 3 times in 60 seconds.

Someone is grumpy at being awoken in the middle of their sleep cycle. 🤔

Thanks to the magic of adapters I got the stream of a local tv station that we don't have on cable onto my grandparents tv.

Selfie with Eye Contact 

It's also considered good practice to provide image descriptions for our blind and vision impaired friend (or those with poor internet connections) so they can still experience the full breadth of what you post.

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