Cat yawn, big teeths 

I wanted to snap a pic how how cutely she was sleeping but the floor creaked when I entered the room and she woke up so I had to wait for this shot instead.

Selfie, eye contact behind sunglasses 

Today I’m pretty hot. Both figuratively and literally. Also I really need to learn how to smile in selfies lol.

I set out on a project to make a braided belt today. I ended up needing about twice as many strands as I was expecting to fill up a buckle and quickly got lost in a huge tangle. So I made a loom! I'm intensely proud of this creation :boost_ok:

Just got this in the mail today! It’s my current turn work into a hobby of finding quality tools shtick lol. A remake of the classic Unicomp Model M series mechanical keyboard.

Its so much fun to type on. But also loud as fuck.

Hey ! It's my Grandparent's 70th anniversary this month! Because of Covid we can't hold a celebration for them, so could you send a card to help them celebrate?

Please mail them to:
Erwin & Donna
P.O. Box 128
Gowen, MI 49326-9648

Boosts are very appreciated!

Food: Vegetarian 

Threw some stuff in the pot for a lentil based veggie chili tonight!

Why does my banana have an advertisement for Disney? Wtf.

Just finished this puzzle with Grandpa today! The grass is missing in one spot so we had to put fertilizer down ;).

The fuzzy alarm clock didn't go off this morning!?!? It's still in snooze mode???

I slept in about 90 minutes this is weird.

My grandparents are napping so I made this surprise snowbeing outside our dining room window.

Finished this puzzle with Grandpa last night! Those repeating beige and white patterns were a bit rough.

We finished this puzzle today! Grandma did a large chunk of this one.

Just finished this puzzle with my grandpa. I'm glad we do not have this many stuffed animals.

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