@flancian (expanding on concepts of Stoicism because it’s my fucking jam. If this is unwelcome I’ll delete.)

Those visualization exercises also build upon the broader Stoic concept of focusing on where your agency and power lie. We cannot control the past, it is gone. We cannot control the future, it will happen as it will happen. The only thing we have control over is here in the present moment. Even then, we do not have control over others, or over nature. All we control is ourselves in this present moment. So then, live this moment to the best of your ability. Mistakes are in the past, they do not matter. Strive for virtue and goodness now. The Stoics limit that even further, they do not believe we even have full agency over our own selves. For them, the only choice we have in our lives is in our interpretation of things. If I see something and say to myself, “This is good” certain actions will follow. If someone insults me and I say to myself, “That is bad” then certain actions will follow.

Another summary of my research! I'm really excited for some new papers and areas of study that I'm discovering that I think will be really fruitful.

I still have not gotten to reading anything specific about ActivityPub, but I'm continually thinking about how some of these ideas would interact with it.

I am going to take a break from research this week. I've been pushing myself hard on it and it's been fun, but I've been neglecting other things in my life to do so.


Cat yawn, big teeths 

I wanted to snap a pic how how cutely she was sleeping but the floor creaked when I entered the room and she woke up so I had to wait for this shot instead.

One of my favorite things about mastodon is that instead of just seeing screenshots of text on other social media, toots usually just contain the actual text and a link to the original post. More accessible, and it makes it really easy to copy paste that text to share elsewhere.

I'm working on a research paper about building communities with decentralized web technologies. I've decided to publish weekly progress reports as a way to collect my thoughts and get over my apprehension of sharing my work.


Today my therapist prompted me to start on a particular topic for a research paper. I feel silly that I hadn’t organized myself on this topic sooner, but w/e I’m doing it now and this is a badass intersection of my skills and interests. Also I read one paper, took notes, and have like 20 more lined up all neatly organized in a document 🤓

Selfie, eye contact behind sunglasses 

Today I’m pretty hot. Both figuratively and literally. Also I really need to learn how to smile in selfies lol.

@djsundog part of me wants to write bizarre utopian fiction for the sole purpose of building a world in which public transport via trebuchet is unremarkable.

Twin Peaks spoilers 

@cwebber at the end of season two we learn that it wasn’t really her father that did it, he was possessed by an evil entity hell bent on wanton destruction. And that entity possess Dale at the end (the character who is a stand in for the audience, who wants to find her killer).

We killed Laura Palmer. We killed her because of our insatiable desire for yet another victim of yet another act of violence so that we might be entertained.

Twin Peaks spoilers 

@cwebber I pull most of my thoughts about this from this video:


Lynch’s whole point of the series was to critique the dead woman narrative. He never intended to reveal her murderer, and only did so after huge pressure from the audience and execs.

Laura’s death, like the deaths on all crime dramas, is merely the mechanism to get the audience to watch. The show was only gripping because we wanted to know.

I set out on a project to make a braided belt today. I ended up needing about twice as many strands as I was expecting to fill up a buckle and quickly got lost in a huge tangle. So I made a loom! I'm intensely proud of this creation :boost_ok:

possibly controversial parenting take, children, consent & "promises" 

@ljwrites also it feels really weird to frame anything you have zero intention of ever compromising on an agreement. It’s simply a rule that you can’t ride on the sidewalk unless you can do it safely. It’s good parenting to help a child understand why that rule is necessary and important, but giving an appropriate explanation doesn’t change the dynamic from a rule to a negotiated agreement.

@SummerSchool hey I'd like to advertise in some academic circles outside of Mastodon. Am I correct in assuming a fediverse account will be required in order to participate?

Ha! Finally got the web fontend working again after my migration to Hometown! Phew. What a relief.

@pho4cexa also bundle in research on accessibility in there.

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