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@cadadr your posts about organizing bookmarks/tabs the other day just popped into my head when I was messing around with ox-hugo today.

I've been keeping interesting links in a text file (recent migration to org) for a year or so now, because I found other ways of organizing bookmarks to be too much out of sight out of mind.

recently I decided to try to make a digital garden of links out of it, using org and ox-hugo to make them easily accessible for others (not to mention a good reason to keep them better organized/described).

Here's the one's I've got presentable so far

If you’re looking for a book series with similar vibes to the Potter stuff I highly recommend The Akata series by Nnedi Okorafor.

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Reason to go on E: I really want to wear slutty low cut shirts with bigger tits to show off.
boosts okay 😘

long post, rambling about tech 

Does it matter what technical infrastructure community communications happen on?

A big part of me wants to say yes, it matters. Digital autonomy and agency matter on the fundamental technical level.

But the more I hop into community development work and put real concerted effort into making particular communities safe, vibrant, and healthy places, the more I think it just doesn't.

Being concerned about technical freedom/privacy/autonomy is a privilege that most people just don't have the time/energy/desire to think or care about. Which is not a bad thing, for the record.

When it comes down to it, the ability to easily, efficiently communicate, connect, and organize is of utmost importance. Those are the chief technical concerns.

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Is this too saucy for main? Who knows. Felt like taking thirst selfies for the first time in awhile.

Selfie, eye contact 

I really need to learn how to smile in selfies. But also I’m finally realizing that I’m actually hot lol 😘

Today is a day for the imposter syndrome to crop up. To question if I'm good enough to accomplish any of this and if any of these ideas/passions are worth pursuing anyways.

*deep breath*
And that's okay. Doubts are not bad. It's an opportunity to calm down, take a break, and evaluate where I'm at & where I'm headed.

I’ve been attempting to organize the links I save and store in a way that’s useful for others as a digital garden project. I’m not sure I have a good grasp on the concept though. What makes for a good digital garden?

long post, therapy, stats 

Phew, I had to get my joy out of my system earlier so that I could finish pitching my idea and working on it.

I care for a trans elder in my area, and recently I was pulled in on using the daily symptom and goals tracker their therapist has set up with them.

Since I'm busy learning stats my first thought was that this would be great to set up with a statistical analysis so that it's easier to see progress over time, but also better visualize the impact that various behaviors have on mood as a way to tailor self care practices.

I approached their therapist with this idea and they love it! So we're going to talk about setting this up later this week.

I'm hoping to develop this as a R program so that we can eventually make it nice and generalized so that we can share the code and enable others to run it as a therapeutic tool for themselves.

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If I deny you follow request it's nothing personal. I just didn't get good vibes from your profile.

I screen followers pretty heavily, honestly to make sure that I don't expose people I follow to BS when boosting posts.

Interacting with me several times before follow requesting is likely to increase your chances of approval.

Great article on caring for each other, at scale via justice oriented infrastructure.

Just blocked

both federated with the poast instance. The company tied to was expressly freeze peaches.

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I’m falling in love with the mustache, big “hot queer fucker” vibes imo.

I had a late night epiphany last night lying in bed.

Because of the origins of the "Free Software" movement with ivory tower academics, many of it's issues are the same ones that we routinely deal with when it comes to things produced in the ivory tower.

Completely out of touch with the real world, chock full of all the standard barriers and assumptions endemic to the classist nature of the tower, and constructed in such a nature that it's nearly impossible to practically use for anyone outside of the tower or closely adjacent.

This is why critical theory is of utmost importance.

I love it when other trans folks assume wrongly about my gender/transition goals. Chaotic vibes baby.

Musings on empowering technology/FOSS 

FOSS folks tend to view empowerment as a question of whether or not I can access that code/server and modify how it functions. That is empowerment/freedom.

But for non technical folk, if such things are required, they then become a BARRIER to empowerment and freedom.

When it comes to software, I am far more concerned with empowering people to make meaningful change in their communities than I am with providing them with FOSS software.

Working on a workshop idea I might pitch to host at my alma mater this fall:

Anonymity on the Internet
Seeking to stimulate mutual learning between the humanities and computer science disciplines by exploring and problematizing what it means to be anonymous, have an identity, how to achieve either, and why both are necessary for a just and civil society.

I’m hoping to employ Freirian pedagogical methods to explore the importance and necessity of interdisciplinary work and exploration, as well as how that necessity impacts how we ought go about technical training.

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