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What’s up with this Firefox mobile “feature” of opening a new tab page every time I open the app? I don’t want a new tab page. If I’m opening the browser, 90% of the time I have a tab I already want to go to. If I want a new tab I can damn well click the button to get one.

Some brief thoughts about again and needing help. This might grow and change over time.

My wall mounts came in the mail today! Storage and decor!

Hey does anyone follow youtube channels in on ?

What kind of configs do you have for opening the link in mpv?

Hey fedi, I’m looking for a new fountain pen and have no idea what I might like.

I have been using a Lamy Safari for the past five years and I have been pretty happy with it. I have some minor ink bleed issues if I grip it wrong but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

My budget is around $50 USD.

Aha! Finally got my bspwm conf to work on multiple machines! Using chezmoi’s templating ability!

Now my trouble is that I’m getting the result of a script I’ve added to my dotfiles repo. When applying it on a new machine chezmoi attempts to fill the template before it moves the script into the proper path.

My first thought is to move my scripts to a new repo and have ansible pull that repo before I attempt to apply chezmoi? Ugh this is way too complicated. I could make the chezmoi template more wordy and not call an external script.

I got my printer set up so I can print academic pdfs again. The nostalgia feels from undergrad are massive.

Got gifted this fancy lad by a friend who wasn’t using him.

Now I gotta teach myself a bunch of new chords and come up with a name!

Selfie, eye contact 

G&G and I having banana peanut butter smoothies for dessert tonight!

@kingwesinald and I put together a little Twine game! We have plans to expand it but for now this is v1.0

Fscking around with my site during some downtime today! I'm really happy with the changes, and it was nice that my skills are at a point where I could make these small tweaks relatively easily and get the rewards quickly ha.

Musings on emoji & screen readers 

Something that I find really fascinating about the culture of various groups is how they use emoji vs the textual meaning assigned to the emoji.

With regularity I see the 😂 emoji being used as a way to react to something with laughter. That’s the :joy: emoji. Which I get, the common representation of it is a face with mouth open in a wide grin, and tears coming from the eyes. But the sentiment I see being expressed with its use to me almost always seems more aligned with the 🤣 emoji, the :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: emoji.

From the textual designation of these emoji it would seem to me that they convey significantly different meanings, but common use among sighted folks conflates them heavily. I don’t know if this is a problem per se (I don’t think it is), but as I am sighted myself I’m not entirely sure.

How hard is it to set up Icecast on a yunohost server? It’s not one of the officially maintained services but it can’t be hard right?

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Thinking about moving some self hosted servers around.

Currently using Stuxhost and Digital Ocean for stuff. What good indie option for VPS are out there? Sustainable stuff is always a plus, mostly just looking for options that aren't big corps.

This article brings up the things I hope I can tackle in the field of Social Work. How do we make social media that's more conducive to discussion? How can we use software to empower local communities, rather than large for profit corporations?

The free software community has been seriously lacking in critical discussion of power dynamics, social justice, and empowerment.

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Just came across this article on Lemmy. A good critique of the free software community and ideals I think.

Suppose I should have made the first one at least boostable huh? I fail at social media so much lol.

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