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I got gifted an Eeepc! Now I just gotta figure out what to install on it. Any suggestions/tips?

I just need to gush about fish for a moment. I love this shell so much.

by far my favorite feature are the autosugesstions! They are so helpful! I don't have to remember as much because my computer remembers for me.

Patrick Lyoya was murdered in my city by police. If you are interested in helping the family cover funeral costs here is the gofundme:

If you would like to sign a petition of the family's demands there is one here:

Marly cat enjoying some pets right after she peed on the bathroom floor.

The leaves of the strawberry are opening! The buds on the raspberry canes are growing!

Life is working its magic πŸ’•πŸŒ±πŸ’ž

My strawberry plant is coming up strong! She's gonna be two years old this year! I'm excited to witness her growth and perseverance πŸ’•πŸŒ±πŸ’ž

Got complimented a bunch on my skills with kiddos again today. Too bad I'm way more passionate about social work because I'm genuinely great at primary education.

I went to a wedding with @kingwesinald and the polycule this weekend. Here's really cute photos we got!

Hey folks I have a small-ish cli program that I've been mulling over writing.

I was just planning on writing it in Bash or Fish, but the more I think about some features I want the more I realize it might be a good first project in a lisp language. What's a good one to try? I'm planning on using this program in and outside of Emacs, so I don't know if Elisp is an appropriate choice.

Sometimes I will be walking around the house doing chores when my cat wants my attention. If I need to go get something from my bedroom and she notices me headed that direction she will run from behind me and rush ahead to the bedroom because that's her favorite place to spend time with me. In her rush she makes tiny feets stampede noises and it's adorable.

My cat Cuddles got into something. No idea what. She's not bothered by and and it didn't rub off.

Our kitchen faucet started leaking a month ago. This weekend's project was fixing it! It went downhill fairy quickly. I made the faucet worse, so I just decided to buy a new one. Then the new one did not fit the fittings for water that my old one used, so I had to saw those off and install new shut off valves with the proper fitting. Way more work than I was planning on, but I feel incredibly accomplished!

What's the state of ? Is it suitable as a daily driver? (i.e. can I reliably get texts and phone calls without fuss?)

The hinges on my have started to get REALLY stiff. I'm almost worried about damaging the screen by trying to adjust it's angle now. Anyone else experience this? Any tips for how to fix it? Do I just take the screen off and clean out the bearings on the hinges?

Found it! I guess it was set to load a new tab page after four hours of inactivity? I guess possible a neat feature, but I really wish they would have asked me if I wanted to enable it rather than just flipping the switch. Thank the gods it’s off.

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