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Snuggling with my buddy Wesley! We went on a walk today, he peed on the corner of another dogs fence just to spite him.

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Trying my hat on Wesley. He looks pretty dapper.

The other day I harvested a bunch of long grass that was overgrown in some corners and tossed them in my compost heap. Seems I have also made a very nice home for some crickets!

Happy solstice everyone! For those of us in the northern hemisphere I hope you are able to take time to enjoy the growth and striving of the world around you. May you find peace, safety, joy, and ease in doing so :blobhaj_love:

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Look at how queer I am!

@ajroach42 just wanted to share that @kingwesinald and I are having a blast jamming to Many thanks!

While weeding in the garden today I found some young seedlings with the same leaf shape as my volunteer Columbine flower! Hopefully she's spreading!

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@kingwesinald and I enjoying the beautiful weather!

It has a name! This is a Columbine (Aquilegia 'Crimson Star')! It is a flower native to my area.

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I let a weed grow in my garden and it just blossomed with these lovely flowers!

My first attempts at putting together some potted plants for my porch! Let's see how well these grow together.

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I've got a good look going today!

I subbed for an art teacher last week and we watch how to draw videos all day long. One of them was how to draw Bob Ross video.

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@kingwesinald and I made twice baked potatoes for supper!

Checking out some field guides and plant identification books from the library!

Ugh my collection of rss feeds is expanding beyond the capacity of elfeed on dorpad500. I just updated tonight and it locked nearly my entire machine down for ~20 mins.

I need to either prune the feeds or migrate to a different program for this. I've been wanting to move them onto a tiny tiny rss setup on my home server. Maybe this will encourage me to accomplish that project.

New compost bin! All I did was stand some old pallets up and wired them together. I'm going to be going pretty lazy with this, I'm just going to toss in material as I have waste and excess and leave it be. When it gets full I'll probably make another and then let the first sit to settle into compost. This is a haphazard experiment, we'll see how it goes!

More Wings of Fire books! This is a great series, I love it a lot. Thinking about starting the series from the beginning again.

New book review! I liked this book a lot, but it contains some pretty intense trauma in the narrative.

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