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Hello fellow lurkers! I am loving this workshop so much!!!

Very excited about tech project I worked on yesterday. I'm setting up new WiFi routers at a couple of home of friends and family, and I made little cards with qr codes on them so ppl can scan them with phones and automatically log in to the network.

Its really rewarding to be able to provide this to my loved ones.

I think I wanna play around with pixelfed and an image focused social media. Anyone know of any good queer instances?

Check out this snazzy wicker picnic basket I just found in my grandparents basement! I need to equip myself for snazzy queer picnics in the park this summer!

Every time we are in central waiting at the hospital I ask Grandma if she wants a ride on Sandy. She always declines, even when I point out that it's free!

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I look really good with a mustache and lipstick!

Snippets from me gushing about Unix systems and command line tools to @kingwesinald:

> Its a magical world that let's you touch literally every part of your computer. Its honestly like being a ruthless bumbling idiot deity over your realm.

> dorpad500 looks and functions like no other computer in the world because I've spent too many hours cobbleing together various tools and programs to do what I need. Honestly some of that uniqueness is some things dont work quite right lol. I dont know if its worth the effort but its fun :blobcatcozytea:

Welp, the internals of the EeePC 2G were not what I was hoping :oh_no:

The only removable parts on this board is the WiFi chip. So the new msata drive I bought for it will have to find a different home.

Time to continue partitioning the internal ssd for boot and a SD card with /home and /usr drives.

New intro post, cause we gots new people and its been awhile!

Hi I'm Dor! I'm an educator, caretaker, hobbyist sysadmin, and aspiring social worker. I'm the admin at this instance here.

I'm Autistic and ADHD, which make me all the better because of them!

I love listening to audiobooks, tending to my plants, and hacking around in a terminal.

My rule of thumb (there are exceptions) is that I don't approve follow requests from people I haven't interacted with yet. If I seem like someone you'd get along with add a thoughtful comment or two to my posts or DM me telling me about yourself. I use this social media as a place for friends, not maximum reach or engagement.

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New glasses! My partner hates them :blobcat_thisisfine:

Mastodon uses the same timeline for direct messages and regular posts! Look to the icon in the corner to see what kind of post you are looking at.

The world icon means it's a public message that you can boost.

An unlocked lock icon means it is an unlisted post, you can boost this but it doesn't show up in public feeds.

A locked icon means the post is visible only to the poster's followers.

An envelope icon means it is a direct message and can only be seen by people tagged in the post.

So I guess I've assigned myself the job of teaching my nephew to code/make websites!

I'm thinking of starting off with exploring the scratch programming tool (, and then potentially expanding into making a website for him to share his creations.

I discovered in the files on this device someone's homework for a law class from 2008! Adding it to my collection of found data with anonymous authors.

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This friend walked by on the porch just now!

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